Wrapped by Magic: With Respect to the Ainu Culture
《魔法に包まれて: アイヌ文化に敬意をこめて》

Courtesy of Sapporo Art Stage Executive Committee

Photo by Juri Komaki

CHI-KA-HO, Hokkaido
Acrylic yarn, polyester yarn
Installation in “Sapporo Art Stage”

札幌駅前通地下広場チカホ, 北海道
「さっぽろアートステージ 2015」にてインスタレーション


“iramkarapte” . This word which was written on a pillar of CHIKAHO I made a work is a greeting of an Ainu of the meaning as “Nice to meet you.”
This pillar is supporting the underpass where people’s comfortable and safety movement is helped in a severe natural environment in Sapporo.
Then, what are grounds at the heart of the people in Ainu who have coexisted with this severe natural environment from the past? That’s an idea as natural worship. I aimed at the pattern embroidered to people’s clothes in Ainu. There seems to be meaning of the talisman that they protect themselves against a soul which isn’t visible by combining and embroidering the patterns of the shape that it was born from nature complicatedly.
Respect for the people in Ainu who have lived with great outdoors from the far past more than an underpass is built, and I was embroidering a caused image from Ainu patterns to this pillar by the own way. While groping after the naturalness and the human future relationship we can often make feel by frequent occurrence of a natural disaster in the own way.