Back to the Fiber バック・トゥ・ザ・ファイバー

From when did people knitting? The history of knitting dates back to the Jomon period in Japan. As the grass was there, the Jomonese knitted it for daily necessities. It is the way of life coexisting with the earth, receiving the minimum necessary daily necessities from nature.
There are not many nature around me, but there are lots of daily necessities. The task of splitting and knitting them in a fibrous form seems useless, but communication with the earth that felt air and gravity and fight with them. The solid gradually becomes fibers to ultimate fineness, and after that communication, it melts into the space.
Modern, I think that there is nothing that humans can not make due to the development of civilization. It is wonderfully exciting, but there are always plenty around me, so I may be accustomed to it and possess and consume uselessly. If it is just surrounded by things, I can not feel the unseen things either physically or spiritually and I can not capture the world largely.
That’s why I use knitting technology, one of the oldest technologies invented by human beings, to process overflowing living goods. By doing so, I want to get involved with the earth, air, space.

文明の発達で人間が作れないものはないのではないか、と思う現代。それは素晴らしくワクワクすることだけれ ど、わたしのまわりにはいつも物がいっぱいでそれに慣れて無駄に所有、消費しているのかもしれない。物に囲まれてばかりでは物質的にも精神的にも目に見えないものを感じとることができなくて、世界を大きく捉えることができない。