Traveling Knitting Machine 旅するニットマシン

Traveling Knitting Machine is a machine by which knitting is manufactured, while rolling the carry case. I travel with rolling the case. And wrap the people who I met by knitting. The length of knitting is proportional to the distance which rolled the case and moved. I want the knitted person to imagine freely the way which knitting has followed. It is the project which invites people to the trip of an imagination and connects land and a person, a person and a person.
The mechanical body was made with crowdfunding. This project, as well as machine only, is also a comprehensive experience and encounter through the machine. So, taking this way to involve people from the production stage.

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Body of Traveling Knitting Machine
Knitting machine, vinyl, yarn, plastic, metal, etc.
57×31×24 cm (minimum) 80×31×24 cm (maximum)



《旅するニットマシン: 本体》
57×31×24 cm (持ち手収納時) 80×31×24 cm (持ち手最伸時)