The globe ManGlobe woven with wool is a robot with five eyes on the land. He who makes eye contact with the viewer is my partner who connects the world from a single thread and is a symbol of my ambitions.
UNIVERSE UNIVERSE is the space of the microcosm with ManGlobe as the axis.
When viewers see the ManGlobe from the alien’s point of view, there is the fact that human beings live in a single star called Earth. There is no concept of a border or a race there.
The eyes of ManGlobe are also directed to the universe. All human beings have inquiry and longing for unknown outside. It is interesting that the space research is carried out by each country, prestige. A lot of objects from the earth are floating in outer space, but the characteristics of the country are oozing out in the design, and the national flag is written in any of them. An alien may perceive that a nation exists on the earth by floating bodies from the earth.

《UNIVERSE ⇄ UNIVERSE》は《ManGlobe》を軸とした小宇宙の空間。