Knit Invaders! in Marunouchi
《ニット・インベーダー! in 丸の内》

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_1
addi UFO at Marunouchi Building 《addi UFO》丸ビルマルキューブ

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_2
Marunouchi Nakadori 丸の内仲通り

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_6
Marunouchi Bricksquare 丸の内ブリックスクエア

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_8
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Cafe 三菱一号館美術館カフェ

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_9

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_7
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum 三菱一号館美術館



Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_2

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_10
Tokyo Building TOKIA 東京ビルTOKIA

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_11
Tokyo International Forum 東京国際フォーラム

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_12

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_14
Invasion workshop ワークショップ「昼のニット・インベージョン」

Knit Invaders in Marunouchi_15
1st,5th,6th,10th Photo by Kazuomi Furuya
2nd-4th,9th,11th-14th Photo by Yuri Yamada

Invasion Map

Mar.17th, 2015 – Mar.23rd, 2015
Marunouchi, Tokyo
Acrylic yarn, cotton yarn
Installation and performance in “AMIT 2015”

丸の内エリア, 東京
「AMIT 2015」にてインスタレーション、パフォーマンス


Knit Invaders! in Marunouchi Review
This project was held in “AMIT2015” which is a related event of “art fair Tokyo 2015” at Marunouchi, Tokyo. addi UFO was installed in Marunouchi Building, and invaded from Tokyo International Forum to Marunouchi oazo. It was the first large-scale development at urban space.
Invaded by the wool color and motif which make the feature of the area where “the space where nature, history and the life are felt” is intermingled with “streets in the straight and modern city”. By changing the landscape of Marunouchi which is a business district, a town is found once again. The person who works at Marunouchi and the person who visited to play had begun to spin new communication with a town.
Exhibition in a short period as 3 days was also the feeling as if witchcraft was applied to a town, at all only the period. When seeing the original form, I felt transiency. I think it’s related to that that wool and a knit are fragile and transient material. This was positive discovery. Even if it’s transient, I’d like to make the exhibition left people’s memory.
How can I convince an owner in an area? It’s that I was most impressed by difficulty via a project of this scale. But it is the first step of “communication” in a root of my creation activity. When that showed in the real world by soft wool after passing through presentation by paper many times, it was very big that an owner was very glad. Because it’s rocky, I’d like to hold projects of this scale aggressively.

《ニット・インベーダー ! in 丸の内》を終えて
「アートフェア東京 2015」の関連イベント「AMIT2015」にて開催。東京、丸の内の丸ビルマル キューブに《addi UFO》を設置し、そこから侵食していくように国際フォーラムからOAZOにまたがるエリアをインベージョンするという、都市空間では初の大規模な展開となった。
「直線的、 現代的な都市の街並み」と「自然や歴史、生命を感じる空間」が混在するエリアの特徴を際立たせるような毛糸の色とモチーフで編み包み、オフィス街である丸の内の風景を一変させながらも街を再発見してしまいそうな、そんなプロジェクトにしたかった。丸の内で働く人や遊びに訪れた人と街との新たなコミュニケーションを見てみたかったのだ。
また3日間という短い期間での展示は、まるでその間だけ街に魔法がかけられたかのような気持ちにもなり、撤去作業の際はそれが解けていく儚さも覚えた。それは毛糸やニットが脆く儚い素 材であるからだとも思う。これはポジティブな発見であった。儚くても人々の記憶に残る展示がしたい。