Knit Invaders in Hitachi-Taga
《ニット・インベーダー in 常陸多賀》

Photo by Keizo Kioku

Sep.10th, 2016 – Nov.23rd, 2016
Hitachi-Taga Area, Ibaraki
Polyester yarn, acrylic yarn, cotton yarn
Installation and performance in “KENPOKU ART 2016”



◇Place where UFO are coming down◇
The place where addi UFO are coming down was a bank. It is about 3 minutes walking straight on the street extending from JR Hitachi-Taga station. There are three large windows of 2500 × 2800 mm, and UFO is prominently showing its appearance. The door where the indication of “bank” is left is a gateway. Please pay attention to overhead before entering inside.
Immediately after entering the entrance there is a place which was an ATM corner on the right. Beyond that, please also look into the secret room that you can not peek at.
Large windows were also invited with yarn. Please imagine freely what color, shape, and position represents.
The exhibition time is 9:30-17:00 every day, but the UFO emerges glitteringly even in the dark. Impression is totally different in the time zone, such as nighttime and early morning. You can not enter the building, but would like you to come see it 24 hours a day.

◇Invaded places◇
I interviewed the local people at the time of site inspection and selected the invasion area.
Now and once in Hitachi-Taga. Hitachi-Taga seen in pictures of Showa 7 years and pictures issued in Showa 9, and Hitachi-Taga which I actually walked by myself. In the past 80 years the landscape of the city has changed drastically. Hitachi Taga was the most vibrant from the late Showa 40 ‘s to the early 50’ s. People who work at Taga Factory, Hitachi, Ltd. were overflowing at the station in the morning and evening. Department stores, movie theaters and social occasions such as Taga Compa were popular. In the shopping district the sounds of rattling of the Lottery drawing machine were ringing. It seems that the connection between people was also rich. It seems that the memory of this era is the strongest for local residents.
I would like to make a 65-day period that brings out the atmosphere of this era by knitting out the symbolic spots and areas and personal spiritual spots  of Hitachi-Taga of local people, and those now absent.
In addition to reviving the past, I also plan to invite the recommended spots of Hitachi-Taga that locals want to send to the future. I hope the work leads people visiting the town.

◇Yarn color◇
Yarn color is orange. The reason is follows.
1. In a hearing to the local people, when asked “What is the color when comparing Hitachi-Taga with color?”, It was because many people answered orange. It seems that the fact that Hitachi, Ltd.’s corporate color is orange is still affecting.
2. The name Hitachi City is said to originate from Mitsukuni TOKUGAWA, the lord of Mito Domain being impressed with the wonderfulness of the morning sun rising from the sea around here. The morning sun has an image of orange.
3. There used to be many persimmon trees around here and it seems that the colors of persimmons were coloring the streets in autumn.
A slightly slightly pinkish orange. Depending on the condition of the light, pink may appear faintly.

《addi UFO》が降り立っている場所はもともと銀行だった場所です。JR常陸多賀駅からまっすぐのびる通りを歩いて3分ほど。

常陸多賀の今むかし。昭和7年ごろの写真や昭和9年発行の写真と、実際に自分で歩いてみた今の常陸多賀。 この80年間で街の風景は大きく変貌しています。人々の記憶の中に色濃くあるのは、常陸多賀がいちばん元気だったという昭和40年代後半から50年代前半の風景のようです。日立製作所多賀工場に勤務する人で朝晩の駅には人が溢れかえり、デパートや映画館、 多賀コンパなる社交の場が流行り、商店街には福引抽選器のガラガラ回る音。人と人の繋がりも豊かだったといいます。